Pros and Cons of All-Inclusive Resorts

Deciding on a vacation destination can be a difficult decision.  But choosing whether or not to stay at an all-inclusive resort adds another layer, as they have their own sets of pros and cons.  Some people like the idea of all-inclusive resorts because there’s a flat-fee for most amenities.  Others don’t like the uniform fun or seemingly lackluster food and drink options available.  If you’ve never been to an all-inclusive resort, this list may help you decide what’s best for you.



This is probably the biggest advantage of choosing to stay at an all-inclusive resort.  When I first began traveling, this was one of the biggest draws for my friends and me.  We knew the exact cost of the trip, knew we wouldn’t have very many outside expenses, and all you can eat food and drinks.  YES.

Carefree Vacationing

Everything is taken care of for you.  You don’t have to worry about where your next meal is coming from or how much you’re going to pay for your next drink.  You can roam around the resort without a care in the world.  However, you may want to carry around a few dollars to tip the resort staff.  They are always appreciative.


You never really have to leave the resort.  Food, drinks, water activities, night life and other entertainment are all provided for you.  This is a bonus for everyone, but especially if you are traveling with children.  Some resorts even have nanny services so adults can enjoy some alone time.  Winning.


Cheap Alcohol

For obvious reasons (including the name of this blog), I think cheap alcohol is a major con.  While house wines and rail drinks are mostly included, drinks can be watered down and if you want premium alcohol, you’ll have to pay for it.  It’s really unfortunate, but if you’re ok with cheap liquor (and the subsequent hangover), you can keep your hard-earned cash in your pockets.

May not get your money’s worth

If you’re not a big eater or drinker, or you don’t plan on taking advantage of any of the water sports, the all-inclusive price may not be worth your while.  A large portion of the resort costs are for meals and drinks.  If this is not a big draw for you, all-inclusive resorts may not be the move.

Lack Full Experience

This is the biggest con for me.  Exploring the city or country I’m in is part of the lure of travel for me.  I like seeing how other people live and experiencing local cultures.  Resorts are nice, but it’s manufactured fun.  Get out there and explore!

Bonus: Before you agree to staying at an all-inclusive resort, read all of the fine print.  You may only be able to dine at certain restaurants, take part in non-motorized water sports or there may be many other caveats applied that aren’t publicized in bold print.  Know what you’re getting into!

What do you think are some of the pros and cons of all-inclusive resorts?  Comment below!