6 Ways to Maximize Your Staycation

Everyday life can be so overwhelming or mundane when you love traveling and new experiences.  We can sometimes take for granted living in or near a city with great tourist attractions, and tend not to explore what’s right at our doorstep.  Or in other cases, we’re still saving for our next extended vacation.  Staycations are the perfect remedy.  You can still satisfy your adventurous spirit but get that much needed break without shelling out tons of cash.  Here are a few things you can do to maximize your next staycation:

Research City Attractions

There’s nothing wrong with acting like a tourist in your own city.  More times than not, you haven’t visited all of the museums, taken that harbor cruise, or toured the local winery.  It’s a great way to learn more about the city and you may stumble upon local haunts you’ve never seen or heard of.

Take Advantage of Discount Offers

If you’re like me, Living Social & Groupon deals are a double-edged sword – you hate the daily emails but can’t bring yourself to unsubscribe from them in fear of missing a good deal.  I do a daily skim of my inbox and purchase the ones that are for places I’ve been meaning to go or something I’ve always wanted to do.  It gives you something to look forward to and the opportunity to get out of your comfort zone.

Bring Friends Along

You’re not alone.  Most of your friends are probably in the same boat and haven’t taken the time to explore their hometown either.  Once you’ve done your research, see if a friend or two want to join and then make a day of it.  It’ll be fun and you’ll feel accomplished.

Stay Overnight in a Great Hotel

How many times have you driven by a nice hotel & said to yourself, “If I were visiting, that’s the place I’d stay.”  Why wait?  You don’t have to be a visitor to stay overnight at your dream hotel.  As a bonus, treat yourself to a full-body massage or lovely dinner.  You’ll end up feeling like you’re a world away.

Turn Off Your Electronics

Who wants to be bothered with phone calls and emails from work or home when they’re on vacation?  The same rules apply to a staycation!  Get in vacation mode.  Put on your out of office message, grab a cocktail, kick up your feet and relax.

Explore Surrounding Areas

If you’re already a pro at navigating your own city, try exploring a neighboring one.  Chances are you’re not as familiar with it as you think.


Last year on the White House Garden Tour. Staycation Approved.