Recap: Georgetown Blogger Crawl

Last weekend, I was invited by Spicy Candy DC and Guest of a Guest to be Ambassador for Pinstripes during their second annual #GTBloggerCrawl.  I don't get to Georgetown as much as I'd like, so this was the perfect opportunity and I happily agreed.  Besides, you can never really go wrong in Georgetown. It's one of D.C.'s most expensive neighborhoods, perfect for house gazing, and it has several retail stores prime for shopping.

Stop #1: Blue Mercury

I arrived at our first location, Blue Mercury, and was immediately welcomed with a mimosa and a bag full of beauty sample products to try.  

I don't know a whole lot about beauty products and what works best for me, so one of Blue Mercury's associates answered all of my questions and made several recommendations based on my skin type.  

What I love about stores like Blue Mercury is that they offer plenty of samples to try before investing in their sometimes very expensive products.  I walked away with a La Mer cleansing gel that my friend Julia has raved about, so the day was already off to a great start.  

Stop #2: Hela Spa

Next we made our way to Hela Spa, where we learned about their service and product offerings.

As a medical spa, Hela offers laser hair removal, photofacials, botox injections, massages and more.  I look forward to returning here one day soon for a facial. And maybe some botox.  Just kidding.  Kidding!

Stop #3: Dr. Martens

As soon as I walked into Dr. Martens, childhood memories came flooding back.  I loved my Dr. Martens boots!  

While I didn't purchase anything here, I did peruse their selection of boots and shoes. They've definitely expanded their products and are on trend with today's style.

Stop #4: Reddz Trading

I had heard great things about Reddz Trading so I was excited to see they were on the list of participating stores.  It's a little further up Wisconsin Avenue than I normally go, which is probably why I had never been in there.  We were welcomed with mimosas and all of the consigned designer labels a girl could want.  

I fell in love with a $650 Louis Vuitton messenger bag, but the rent's due, so that was a no go. I also tried on a pair of stunning pink Manolo Blahnik shoes that were only $120 (!), but they were slightly too small.  Guess it wasn't my day.  But other bloggers found dresses, shoes, purses and jewelry that they all loved.

Stop #5: Pinstripes

Our fifth and final stop, Pinstripes, is tucked away near Georgetown's canal but there's so much more to this family-friendly establishment than meets the eye.  

Pinstripes is surprisingly large inside, with bocce and bowling lanes, event spaces, and a restaurant-style bistro area.  We toured the entire venue and then learned how to play bocce. It's an Italian game similar to bowling but has elements of playing pool too (at least I think so).

Pinstripes' bowling area is completely soundproof, so you won't hear pins falling down outside. And if you forget your socks?  Forget about it!  They offer a complimentary pair to each guest. While bowling, we were served beef sliders, flatbreads, pizzas, and desserts...all of which were delicious and right on par with the Italian theme.

Although it was a rainy day in D.C., I still had a great time in each store, hanging out with old blogger friends and meeting new ones.  If you're in D.C., Georgetown is definitely one of the city's must see areas because of all it has to offer.

Photo Credit: Morgan Fykes