Episode 2: A Lesson on Mexico's Mezcal

This month we're trying mezcal!  Never heard of it? You're not alone! Many people haven't heard of mezcal but I like to think of it as tequila's smokey cousin.  It's also a Mexico original, but among other differences, tequila is made from one specific agave plant, mezcal can be made from many agave varietals and is smoked before being processed.  It gives cocktails an underlying smokey flavor.  

Thanks to Torrence Swain of El Silencio Mezcal for providing El Silencio for us to try, and Wicked Bloom DC for the incredibly delicious barbecue we enjoyed during taping.  If you're in the area, be sure to check out one of D.C.'s newest venues!

Ashlee with Torrence Swain

And special thanks to my team for always holding me down!  If you see mezcal in a cocktail, be sure to give it a try to find out if it's for you.  Without further delay, check out Will Drink For Travel TV's episode on mezcal! We talk with Torrence about mezcal, check out a mezcal cocktail being made and play a little drinking game!