Victoria Falls: From Zambia to Zimbabwe

I recently visited Victoria Falls for the second time this year and fell even more in love.  Last time I visited I only saw it from the Zambia side (don't forget to watch our Will Drink For Travel video here!).  However, Zambia and Zimbabwe share this (one of seven) Natural Wonder of the World, so I thought it only right I give the Zimbabwe side a chance.  And I'm so glad I did.

From Zambia to Zimbabwe

I was an old pro at visiting the Zambian side of Victoria Falls.  Since I was staying in the National Park at The Royal Livingstone, entry into the park was free for me.  After visiting the Zambian side of the Falls again, we drove a very short distance from The Royal Livingstone to the Zambia Immigration Border.  We got our passports stamped and exited Zambia. Easy breezy.  We walked about a mile from the border post, across the bridge that connects Zambia and Zimbabwe to the Zimbabwe immigration post.  

Since I am American, I required a visa to entry the country, which for a day pass was a fee of $30. They stamped my passport and there I was! In Zimbabwe.  It was about another half mile to the entrance of Victoria Falls.  On a long hot day, I'm sure it'll seem like much longer. 

*Pro-Tip: Be sure to carry water with you or you can purchase it from several stands on the way in the park.  But trust me, you'll need it after all that walking.

View from the Victoria Falls Bridge

View from the Victoria Falls Bridge

Victoria Falls from Zimbabwe

We arrived to the park and the fee was another $30 to enter.  Once you step inside, you can hear the thunder of the Falls immediately.  And the first sight of the Falls did not disappoint. The view of Victoria Falls was immediately stunning.  As you continue to each of the view points, the view continued to get better and better.  

After viewing both sides of Victoria Falls, I must say I'm more partial to the Zimbabwean side. You're able to see more of Victoria Falls and from what I hear, the water is always more full from that side no matter the time of year.  It's very clear why Victoria Falls is nicknamed 'Mosi-oa-Tunya,' meaning 'the smoke that thunders.'  

*Pro-Tip: Take a taxi back to the Zimbabwe Immigration Border Post. You've already done enough walking for the day! It should cost no more than $3 or k30.

Check out more pictures from my visit below.