What I Learned From Being a Tourist in My Own City

I've done many things in my city, Boston.  I've gone to numerous concerts, enjoyed many gyros and ice creams at Fanuel Hall, I've seen the Red Sox win at Fenway, I've walked in a fashion show, I've even interned at our own State House. However, I've never really seen the city in the same way a tourist does...until now.  

I thought the best way to see Boston the way tourists do is how every tourist sees Boston - a duck tour.  A duck tour involves amphibious vehicles that can travel both on land and in water. We went with Boston Super Tours. They're a company that does trolley, double decker, and duck tours.  

Taking the duck tour was a great way to see my city in a different light.  So what did I learn?

  1. I learned more history than I already knew about my native city.
  2. I was able to feel like a tourist and truly absorb the vibe of the city - even though I knew the tour guide from school!
  3. I learned never to take what's in my own backyard for granted.
  4. While traveling abroad is great, it can be equally rewarding to travel local.
  5. I gained more inspiration to see more of the world.

In between vacations or extensive trips, take some time to explore your own city.  I guarantee you'll learn something you didn't know before and will be glad you did.  Check out more about Boston city tour below!

Our tour started at Boston Harbor with a shuttle ride to Charlestown. However, even with the shuttle ride, still came a short history lesson.  We learned about the great fire that happened in Boston's North End many years ago. The North End was almost completely destroyed because of the fire; however, now it's almost all back to normal. The guide claims you can still see some remnants.  

Pictured above is the State House.  It's actually the second location, as the old Sate House is not far from this one and is now a museum. 

This is a statue of George Washington on the Boston Common. A new fact I learned on this tour is that everything to the West of this statue - Kenmore Square, Fenway, Newbury St. - are all considered the "Back Bay" because it was built from sediment.

...And in a flash, our trolley turned into a boat.

I truly enjoyed seeing Boston by duck tour.  If you're ever in the city, I highly recommend it!

- Nikki Vergakes