Product Review: Head Defender


As a medical device rep, Founder and CEO Keely Watson did a ton of coast-to-coast traveling.  One particular day, someone walked down the aisle and put his hand on top of Keely’s headrest.  He instantly felt something sticky on his chair.  Gross.  Keely started thinking about all of the things that could potentially be on headrests, including someone else’s hair, dandruff, mucus or other harmful bacteria.  Really gross.  Enter the Head Defender.

What is it?

The Head Defender is a headrest cover that contains antimicrobial solutions developed through extensive research.  Keely and his team were able to find a solution to increase the difficulty – or even better, eliminate the possibility altogether – of contracting harmful bacteria that are common on public surfaces.

I tried out the Head Defender during my flight to Abu Dhabi and was admittedly a little unsure of why I’d need a cover for my headrest on an airplane.  But I was willing to give it a fair try since I’m famous for getting sick during travel.  Waking up with my face on the Head Defender was actually refreshing and comforting.  I had never really thought about what lies on a plane’s headrest.  But having the Head Defender on my chair during a 13 hour flight provided a little reassurance that I’d make it through my trip without getting sick.


I loved that the Head Defender was lightweight and easy to put over the seat.  At a cost of $29.99, it’s hypoallergenic, washable, reusable and only fades after 30 washes.  And if you really want more surface covered, they offer a deluxe version that’s 4 inches longer on the front of the seat ($34.99).  It also comes in 5 different colors.

The Head Defender is the first of many products to come that will defend you against harmful microbes.  They plan on creating pillows, gloves, sheets and other compact consumer products to carry and protect against disease causing microbes.

Contact Them

Check out their website or go to Amazon to get your own Head Defender. Have more questions?  Contact Keely at Tell him I sent you!

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