DC “DCocktail” Series: The Gibson

Speakeasies, which are typically veiled and often exclusive bars, are a historical nod to the prohibition era, where the unspeakable tragedy of alcohol being illegal was real. Touted as D.C.’s largest speakeasy, The Gibson has rolled out their fun, new spring cocktail menu.

The Gibson offers pre-prohibition era drinks; think classic cocktails like a Sazerac or a Manhattan. Along with its dimly-lit cozy atmosphere, the bar also features a covert patio area where patrons can enjoy the new cocktail menu.

Here at Will Drink For Travel, we do the dirty work so you don’t have to! We tried all 9 cocktails created for the season, and in true pre-prohibition cocktails fashion, they’re not for the faint-of-heart. Here’s the rundown:


Lust #1As a self proclaimed 'brown liquor lover,' there’s no surprise that I would like this drink. I believe it’s the first time I’ve tasted orgeat (syrup made from almonds, sugar & rose water) and allspice dram together. Two thumbs up!

Gurl’ That’s One Fierce BeetThis cocktail actually has a beet in it! I’ve never been to a bar that pairs veggies so well with alcohol but The Gibson nails it. Honorable mention goes to The Resolve which includes Kale syrup.

Stand outs:

B2 H M2The drink was good but I was mainly excited about its name, which I ended up guessing correctly. Hint: it’s a Rihanna song…

A Letter from the ABM to the GOPThis cocktail definitely requires slow sipping and a side of water. The Gibson’s housemade hell-fire bitters are appropriately named. In case you were wondering, ABM stands for Angry Black Man.  How appropriate.

If anything, the staff at The Gibson, specifically bartender extraordinaire Frank Jones, are always down to tell you the funny stories of how each cocktail got its name, and will introduce you to ingredients you’ve probably never heard of. For more information on all things The Gibson please visit thegibsondc.com.  Happy sipping!

- Nyasha Chikowore 

Photo Credit: Ronan Jenkins