5 Free Apps to Stay Connected to Home While Traveling

One of the benefits of technology is that your friends and family are only an ‘app’ away, whether you’re near or far.  There are tons of apps out there, both free and paid, that allow you to share your experiences and remain connected to family and friends while you’re away.  However, I tend to never download paid apps because I think free apps do the job just fine.  While there is some overlap in features, I use each of the apps below for different reasons.  So if you’re like me and refuse to pay for apps, I think these are the best FREE ones to keep you connected to home while traveling:


Available for iPhone and Android, this app allows you to send and receive texts to and from anyone around the world.  I’ve been able to text friends in the U.S., Tanzania, Ecuador, Egypt and other countries at no cost.  In addition to basic messaging, WhatsApp users can create groups, send images, video and audio media messages.  It’s a great way to easily correspond and stay in touch no matter where you are in the world.


Viber allows you to text and call other Viber users.  However, I’ve felt it most useful for making free phone calls.  If you’re wifi signal is good, this app is great for talk.  You can also call non-Viber users for a low rate.


Tango is a great way to ‘FaceTime’ with your less cool Android user friends if you’re an iPhone user.  It’s nice being able to see familiar faces when you’re feeling a little homesick. You can use Tango for messaging and playing games also, but I’ve found that the best use of this app is the video feature.


If you’re a Gchat addict like me, Vtok brings your chat list straight to your mobile device.  You can use this app for calls and texts through Google voice too, but I like it only for Gchat.  While you’re off exploring the world and your friends are stuck at their desks, make them jealous with instant play by plays of your adventures.


I mostly use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to keep my friends abreast of my travels.  You’re able to instantly post updates, pictures and messages to your followers.  I like using these apps when I want to share information with a lot of people at once.

Keep in mind that your mobile data needs to be turned on or wifi is required to use these apps.  And some apps (WhatsApp, Viber & Tango) require the other party to also download in order to use them for free.  But they’re all super helpful and allow you to stay in touch with friends and family.  So, what are some free apps you use while traveling? Comment below!