U.S. Edition: What Cocktail Best Describes Your Favorite City’s Persona?

While U.S. cities share similarities in terms of size, history and culture, there are also many distinct differences.  Our contributing writer, Noori Chishti, describes each city’s persona and the cocktails and beers that best fit them.

One of my favorite authors, Jack Kerouac, wrote, “Paris is a woman but London is an independent man puffing his pipe in a pub.” One can’t help but wonder, what would Paris’ favorite drink be? What would London be drinking as he puffs on his pipe in a pub?

I thought the same of American cities.  From New York’s quick pace to the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles, U.S. cities are so culturally distinct.   I’ve looked at many major metropolitan cities across the U.S. and here is what I think each city’s persona’s favorite drink would be.

New York is a woman who wastes no time as she walks into the bar, promptly and effortlessly ordering herself a martini. She’s dressed in sleek, all black. Like her drink of choice, she is classic and timeless, but always trendy.

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 2.37.19 PM.png

Los Angeles is a woman sipping on a flute of champagne as she runs her manicured finger through her perfectly styled hair. Some may call her high maintenance, but she thinks there’s nothing wrong with having high standards. She is classic, decadent, and always ready for some glitz and glamour.

Chicago is a man who is tall and blonde. He’s a friendly mama’s boy who probably has never left the good old Midwest. He walks into a bar and orders himself a gin & tonic. It’s no nonsense and to the point, just like he is. He won’t let the wind stop him from having a good time, especially if there’s a football game.

Dallas is a woman wearing a pair of glitzy cowboy boots. With her big curly blonde hair and even bigger personality, of course she has an oversized margarita to match. Hey, it’s Texas…go big or go home!

Philadelphia is a man drinking hard apple cider with a group of rowdy friends, all die-hard Eagles fans, of course. They’re shouting and probably swearing.  No one can deny that these boys are having a good time.

Houston is a man in his mid twenties sipping on a bottle of Stella Artois. He looks like your typical all-American boy, but he likes to think he’s a bit more sophisticated and worldly than that. He’s charming and friendly, but don’t ask him how he feels about the Dallas Cowboys.

Washington D.C. is a male politician who just got home from a long day at work. He sits down in his den, and pours himself a nice glass of scotch, and gazes out the window, pondering all that he has to do before he can finally let himself go to bed.

Miami is a pretty boy. He walks into a bar, perfectly tanned skin and highlighted, coifed hair. He orders himself a mojito, impatiently waiting for it to arrive. It doesn’t matter that it’s difficult and time consuming for the bartender to make. This drink is low calorie and easy on the eyes. In order words, this is what he needs.

Atlanta is a woman in a bar drinking a rum and coke. Living in the Coca Cola capital of the world, she can’t pass up on one of America’s favorite drinks. She’s laid back, fun, and just getting her night started.

Boston is a man in his mid twenties. You can find him in a sports pub, watching a Pats game as he drinks his Sam Adams Boston lager. Of course he’s wearing his Tom Brady jersey and having a wicked good time. You can bet he’ll start a U-S-A chant at some point during the night.

San Francisco is a man sipping on a glass of Pinot Noir. This is his favorite wine; of course he found it while wine tasting at his favorite vineyard in Napa. He’s ahead of the curve, but still classic and holds a rugged sort of sophistication.

Detroit is a rugged, blue-collar man drinking Hennessy. He is a classic in his own way – though rough around the edges, underneath he is a lot warmer than you’d think.

Baltimore is a college aged man sitting in a crowded bar, ordering a pitcher of natty light with a group of his friends. He’s all about having a good time!

Charleston is a pretty blonde sipping on a mint julep. She’s charming and classic. Flipping her pretty blonde curls as she politely has her drink brought to her by her southern gentleman of a waiter.

Portland is a hipster. He sips on his Pabst Blue Ribbon while wearing his favorite flannel. He has his headphones in, but don’t bother asking what he’s listening to…you wouldn’t know it.

New Orleans is a girl drinking a sazerac. Proud of her city through and through. She’s energetic, fun, and loves to party. The night is young, and so is she! She hits all of her favorite places on Bourbon Street – New Orleans is her world, and what a wonderful world to live in!

Denver is a girl curled up, taking a ski break. She’s drinking a white Russian. There’s nothing like some Kahlua between the slopes. No better way to relax on a scenic winter day.

Las Vegas is a gambler on a winning streak. He takes shot after shot of tequila while he plays black jack. Not only has he lost count of his drinks, but don’t even try to ask him what time it is. He’s having the time of his life. Let’s see how much he’ll remember in the morning.

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 2.36.44 PM.png

Nashville is a man drinking bourbon while he attempts to write what he believes to be the next hit country song… about bourbon of course! And how much he loves Nashville, his truck, girls….and bourbon.

Seattle is a girl drinking a Moscow mule, staying true to the Washington love of beer with this ginger beer cocktail. She shows that she loves the western atmosphere of Seattle, but she’s still trendy and cosmopolitan. Laid back, smooth, and refreshing – she and her drink show everything that you could fall in love with in Seattle.

How’d I do? You agree or disagree? Share your thoughts below!