The 8 Types of Passengers You’ll Encounter on a Flight

Have you ever been on a flight with someone who can’t seem to sit still? Or someone who is inconsiderate of the people around them?  We all know these types of passengers.  On my recent return trip from Vegas, I am almost positive there were each of these types of passengers on the plane, so I can’t be the only one who has run into these people!

1. The Busybody

You know the busybodies.  As soon as the seatbelt sign is turned off, they’re up talking to friends, opening the overhead bin to get God knows what, or walking to the bathroom every 15 minutes.  I understand we all need to get up and stretch our legs from time to time, especially during long haul flights.  But I don’t want you walking by me every 15 minutes. Find your seat and relax!

2. Mr. Ants in His Pants

He (or she) has a nervous energy that can rub off on you.  They’re constantly shaking their legs, twisting from side to side, and making their agitation known to everyone around them.  Their antsiness tends to have a ripple effect on me and soon enough, I can’t sit still either.

3. The Sleeper

This person was up late packing or partying the night away.  Either way, they’re asleep before the plane even takes off.  And a really bad ‘Sleeper’ somehow ends up resting on their neighbor.  I must admit, I fall somewhere in this category.  While I never lean on my neighbor, I am definitely asleep before take off.  There’s something about trains, planes and automobiles that always makes me sleepy!

4. The Onlooker

This person may not fall asleep on their neighbor, but they are looking over their neighbor’s shoulders, checking out the book they’re reading or watching their movie.  Air travel isn’t a group exercise.  Bring your own activities to keep yourself entertained!

5. The Overwhelmed Parent

I have the most sympathy for this traveler, especially when they are traveling without any help.  Not only are they traveling with a stroller, a car seat, and several carryons, but they are ultimately responsible for their child’s (un)happiness.  They do everything in their power to keep their child quiet and calm during a flight, but sometimes kids just have their own agenda.  The parent always looks so overwhelmed and apologetic.  If they’re sitting near me, I always try to offer a helping hand.

6. The Complainer

No matter what the flight attendant does, ‘The Complainer’ is always unhappy.  And if they’re sitting in first or business class?  Forget it! Their drink is never made properly, the temperature is always too cold and they’ve experienced better on a different airline.  My suggestion is to put your headphones in and tune them out.

7. The Scared Flyer

You can spot this traveler a mile away.  These people have an innate fear of flying, which means they have their own coping mechanisms.  As soon as the plane begins taking off, they’re closing their eyes, praying, taking deep breaths, and wishing they were somewhere else.  These flyers can actually be pretty amusing to watch.

8. The Rusher

This person is the worst of the bunch.  As soon as the flight lands, they’re up in their seat, getting their carryon down from the overhead bin, jumping over little old ladies and stepping on small children in order to deplane first.  I usually give these passengers dirty looks.  Calm down, have a seat and wait your turn!

Most normal people fall somewhere in between these categories.  We all have our moments of being uncomfortable or anxious to deplane, but I try hard to remember that we’re all going the same place.  And it’s better to be a nice, considerate person than a jerk to your fellow passengers.  Can you think of any other type of passengers you’ve seen?  Sound off!