Don’t Let Them Disappear: Help Amarula Save African Elephants

As you can read here, here, and here, South Africa is one of my favorite countries. I love the culture, the people, the vibes, and of course, the drinks. Amarula is South Africa's leading liqueur and they've teamed up with WildlifeDIRECT to save African elephants.

Elephant Poaching

While elephant poaching in Africa has declined for the fifth year in a row, approximately 55 elephants are killed per day. That is 55 too many. Elephant populations continue to fall due to illegal killing and other human activities, and global illegal ivory trade transactions have remained high. Despite a ban on the international trade in ivory, tens of thousands of African elephants are still being poached in large numbers for their ivory tusks each year.


Amarula and Elephants

You might be wondering why Amarula is invested in saving African elephants. Great question. Once a year, African elephants begin their journey to feast on the sun-ripened fruit of the Marula trees, which grow wild and free across the sub-equatorial plains of Africa. This signifies to local communities the fruit is ready to be hand-harvested and eaten or turned into Amarula, the delicious cream liqueur enjoyed all over the world. You can read more about how Amarula is made here

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How can you help?

Join Amarula in the fight to end poaching of one the world’s most beloved species. While poaching occurs in Africa, it is very much a global issue. Amarula recently launched the campaign, “Don’t Let Them Disappear,” and has a long history of giving back to protect African elephants. Their newest initiative kicked off this past September and continues through the end of 2017, where for every bottle of Amarula sold in the United States, $1 will be donated to the incredible non-profit organization, WildlifeDIRECT. These funds will support their on-the-ground conservation efforts to help save this magnificent species.

With the cooler season quickly approaching, there's no better time to enjoy this delicious, velvety cream liqueur drink. But if you can help save more African elephants too, it's a win/win for everyone! Join me in helping Amarula and WildlifeDIRECT in their noble cause. 

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