Picture Tour: Graycliff Manor Wine Cellar in Nassau, Bahamas

Graycliff is home to a hotel, 2 restaurants, chocolatier and an event space. But what many people do not know, is that Graycliff is also home to the 3rd largest privately owned wine collection in the world.  IN THE WORLD!

The cellar is sectioned off by country, with the largest selections coming from Italy, Germany, and California.  The oldest bottle of wine is a Moscato produced in Germany in the 1700’s, priced at a whopping $200,000. Insane, right?  There’s also an area to have an intimate dinner party in the cellar.  How romantic!

Since many won’t ever know get a chance to tour, I figured the best way to show you was a picture tour through the wine cellar.  These pictures don’t do the cellar’s massive collection justice, as it’s truly a great experience.

Can you imagine so many aged wine bottles in one place? It felt like I was walking through a time capsule.  Great times!