Mother’s Day: Gifts for Traveling Moms

Mother’s Day is approaching quickly!  Have you thought about what to get the mothers in your life who travel often yet still manage to remain fabulous?  I’ve come up with a list of perfect gifts for those style-savvy, jet setting moms:

1) Minimergency Kit – This kit is not only stylish, but it packs a big punch in a small package.  Including items such as safety pins, earring backs, a mending kit, double-sided tape and much more, it has everything a mom needs to be prepared while traveling.

2) Scarves/Wraps – Scarves and wraps are multifunctional and a travel necessity.  Women can use them to cover up on the plane, use it to lay out on the beach, or wear around her neck in chilly weather.  Believe me, a woman always has a need for scarves and wraps.

3) iPad – If she doesn’t already have one, you must buy this for her.  It’s a camera, mobile library, radio, phone, translator and so much more.  It’s my must-have electronic when traveling.  And if you want to buy her this personalized iPad case, that’d be icing on the cake.  Note: I’m an Apple girl, but I’m sure any tablet will do just fine.

4) All Clear Water Bottle – I love this because it’s the perfect on-the-go water bottle.  Drinking a ton of water is important and it’s no different when traveling, but it may be harder to come by.  In just 60 seconds, this bottle turns nearly any tap or clear natural water source into drinkable water. Very cool and healthy

5) Clairisonic Aria – Travel is no excuse to neglect your skin.  The Clairisonic Aria is a great gift for use during travel and even at home. It has a USB-enabled charger and a drying stand that converts to a charging station.  It’s also small so it can fit in with all of her toiletries.  After all, she has to be fresh-faced in her travel pictures, right?


6) Tote – Every woman needs a cute yet functional tote for travel.  I like this, this, and this.  But you know the woman in your life best, so pick out something you think she’d love.

Happy Shopping!


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