DrinkAde: The Perfect Companion When Drinking

Have you ever drank too much and woke up the next day thinking, “God please, if you make this hangover go away, I promise I’ll never drink again!” We’ve all been there. Trust me. Well now you never have to be there again thanks to the folks over at DrinkAde!

What is it?

DrinkAde is a sugar and gluten free hangover prevention drink with a natural formula that helps to neutralize toxins, restore vital nutrients, and re-hydrate the body. Its natural ingredients include aloe vera, green teen extract, B vitamins, potassium, milk thistle and gotu kola, all of which are great for processing toxins and increasing energy levels. Many other similar products on the market that contain 40 calories per serving (yikes), while DrinkAde only contains 5 calories per serving (about 3.4 fluid ounces). Is it too good to be true?

What did I think?

Let me preface the rest of this post and say that while yes, this post was sponsored by DrinkAde, I wanted to try the product myself before recommending it. I tested out DrinkAde on two different occasions with varying levels of alcohol intake.

I only drank a few glasses of sangria (let’s say three) socially the first time I tried it at Baltimore’s Diner en Blanc. I had DrinkAde about an hour before I sat down to eat and drink. I woke up the next morning with no hangover at all which is sort of unusual for me since I tend to have a slight hangover after a night of drinking wine. I credit that completely to DrinkAde.


The second time I tried DrinkAde was during a night out with friends when I threw caution to the wind. We had A LOT to drink and when I say a lot, I mean about five shots and five cocktails each. (Yep, I’m still blackmailing a friend with video from this night!) They each tried a DrinkAde too so I could see how it affected people differently. I drank it literally five seconds before I had my first cocktail.

I woke up the next day with a Grade A headache, but I still believe my hangover would have been worse had I not had DrinkAde. I was still able to move about my day and my headache eventually subsided. My friends were not hungover much at all which I was glad to hear.

There are so many variables that go into how a body processes alcohol (size of the person, what they’re drinking, how quickly they’re consuming, etc.). I had not really eaten or drank my normal amount of water when I tried DrinkAde for the second time, so I believe that could have impacted my results too.

The lesson for me here is to drink two or three bottles if I plan to have a wild night, perhaps one before I start drinking and then another a few hours later. And also drink water. Because duh.

DrinkAde doesn’t taste the best, but it’s not terrible and completely drinkable. Your best bet would be to just chug it all in one sip!


Should you buy it?

YES! It’s a great natural and low-calorie way to have fun and still be able to function at a high level the next day. And I think it’s a better, more natural alternative than taking ibuprofen or drinking PediaLyte the next day. (Come on, you know you’ve done this too.)

Where do I buy it?

You can get it on their website or in certain retailers like GNC and The Vitamin Shoppe. It’ll be on Amazon soon too! Use code WILLDRINKFORTRAVEL for 25% off on www.drinkade.com (valid until December 31, 2018)!

If you decide to give it a try, be sure to let me know if it worked for you too!