Authentic New Orleans Cuisine at Bayou Bakery

If you’re craving authentic New Orleans cuisine, what better way to satisfy your needs than to let an authentic New Orleanian cook for you?  Chef David Guas has been impressing palates with his second Louisiana inspired restaurant, Bayou Bakery, Coffee Bar & Eatery, in D.C.’s Capitol Hill neighborhood since opening May 2015. For a former carriage house, the eatery is not only inviting and chic, but makes you feel like you've been transported a few hours down 95 South.

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Never turning down an invitation to eat, I had the pleasure of sampling a few of Chef Guas’ amazing dishes at a private dinner. As a bonus we were treated to a mead-based cocktail at the beginning of dinner, which was mixed with melon and Prosecco.  (Mead is an alcoholoic beverage made by fermenting honey with water, and sometimes fruits, grains, spices or hops.) The wine was not too sweet and made for a great introduction to the restaurant’s Southern vibe.

From the starters (Just gettin’ started) to the desserts (A lil’ sumpin’ sweet), the folks at Bayou did not disappoint. The icing on the cake, or the powdered sugar rather, was the beignets. Fluffy, soft, buttery & awesome.

Starting at 5pm each night you can enjoy Chef Guas’ southern dinner, with the menu changing daily to showcase his culinary versatility. You may be enjoying his buttermilk fried chicken one night or opt for the smothered pork rib chop like I did the next; a decision I would likely make again, and one that you should too.

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- Nyasha Chikowore