6 Cocktails You Must Try in Dubai

When it comes to happening party scenes and out-of-this-world experiences, Dubai does not stand back and watch, it is a game changer! Swanky nightlife in Dubai promises only few things - good times, great music and the ultimate blend of cocktails that sizzle your senses and tease your tongue for more!

For all those who take their drinks quite seriously, we have the top six drinks that we think stand apart from the rest! Check out these venues and their special drinks.

1. Luxurious Scottish Drink

Only the indulgent can splurge on the 55 year old Scottish beverage at SkyView Bar. It comes complete with sparkling ice cubes made from the water near Scotland, served in a 18 carat tumbler all for about $7,440!

There is something about being in one of the fanciest night clubs, perched on the world's most famous and expensive hotels – Burj Al Arab - that makes this experience worthwhile. This iconic building stands in par with the Empire State Building and Eiffel Tower, and one of the first 7-star hotels in the world. Although this is a posh and sophisticated place and can be quite heavy on the pocket, the view of the Dubai Skyline and the nightlife experience is unparalleled.

2. Fine Tipple

Fine Tipple is an exquisite cocktail of sherry, grapefruit & orange sherbet, maraschino and champagne at R Trader.  Dirty Weekend and Belladonana are all vodka-based cocktails which you can try.  Also, don't forget the Not-so-Colada.

Who said rules are no fun? R Trader just proves otherwise. With a quirky set of rules that is bound to catch your attention, it has unique standards of a bar:

  • Gentlemen will not introduce themselves to the ladies.
  • Ladies are free to talk to any men. If any man does approach you, ladies can feel free to lift their chin up and ignore!

Oh, so neo-noir! 

3. Blueberry and Ginger Sour (The Johnny Depp Favourite) 

Go nuts on the all of the blackberry infused cocktails from Buddha Bar, including fresh fruit and ice. If you want something fancier, go for a classic Blueberry and Ginger sour which is allegedly the favorite of Hollywood hunk Johnny Depp.  He drinks it every time he steps in this swanky venue when he is in Dubai.

With a peaceful yet classy ambiance, Buddha Bar has set very high standards among fine dining and bars in Dubai. With a very Asiatic and sophisticated decor, this brand originated in Paris in 1996. With a great fine dining experience during the day, it ramps up its appeal in the evening.  Always look for the best international DJs when you're here.  

4. Hendricks Lemonade

At Play Restaurant and LoungeHendricks Lemonade for two is served in a teapot with gin. 

Play features many different cocktails for cooling your senses. While this concept restaurant is fairly new, it has already grabbed eyeballs and has many salivating at the spectacular food. It has gained slow but massive popularity among everyone looking for a good time, good food and more importantly, looking for a more revolutionary take on the food scene in Dubai. They surely do know how to do it right!

5. Not so Colada

Try the signature Not So Colada from Little Black Door.  It's a homemade banana & lemongrass-blended rum with coconut water,  pineapple juice and eucalyptus. The drinks are very innovatively classified into "The Rockstar," "The intellectual," and "The Traveller et al."

If you are looking for a mysterious yet elegant night out and ready to step into a different world, Little Black Door is a must on your list. With Edison styled lamps, expansive copper bar, Corset backed club chairs, the decor goes back in time with a very vintage feel. 

6. Zombie Horde

At Mahiki, the signature cocktail, Pompero, contains a hint of vanilla shaken with pear and strawberry puree, lemon, sugar and Creme de Fraise. If you are in a mood for a little more intense flavor, try the Zombie – their twist on Don the Beachcomber’s original recipe. A blend of white, gold and over proof rums shaken with maraschino, fresh grapefruit, exotic syrups and Absinthe.

If you want to let your hair down and have some fun in the sun then this tropical themed resort is your best bet! Located on the beautiful Jumeriah beach, it's open all day with an upbeat decor that will not let you down. This paradise in the heart of the city promises to serve you fresh and fruity cocktails, along with great food and music which transports your senses to Polynesia. With a more Tiki decor, it looks unlike anything you have seen!

There is a lot more to experience in the vast expanse of this desert city. In Dubai, a lot of high-end nightclubs always innovate and bring something amazing onto the scene. So don’t be surprised if you have something new to rave about! Be sure to tell them we sent you!

- Rashmi Rao