Andrea Williams


When asked where in Maryland she's from, Andrea Williams' answer is always complicated. She's lived in 3 counties (and multiple towns in one) within Maryland, currently calling Silver Spring home. This is a testament to her love of frequent changes in scenery.  Andrea loves traversing the globe as far and as frequently as her bank account and annual leave allows. When she is not traveling, she's more than likely thinking about it...with a glass of wine.  She can be found on Instagram at @_sylph3 and Twitter at @aboogie07.

Nyasha Chikowore

Nyasha has owned a passport since birth! She identifies as a Zimbabwean but has grown up on 3 different continents, and figures home is wherever she is, which for now is Maryland. She believes in living to eat with sushi at the top of her faves list. When drinks are involved she chooses brown but opts for white wine over red when watching Scandal.  She can be found on Twitter at @NyashaMC.

Candice Coleman


Candice is a Marketing Coordinator by day, and Makeup Artist by night in the D.C. Metropolitan area. When not painting faces for Candice Olivia Beauty, she is blogging, in the gym, or in the kitchen trying some new recipe she found on Pinterest. Her bucket list includes seeing all 7 Wonders of the World, and her favorite thing to do on weekends is getting her hands dirty with friends over a couple dozen crabs with extra Old Bay.  She can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Persicope and Pinterest at @CandiceOBeauty.

Christie Cooper


Christie is a lover of all things fun, far away, and good for the soul – especially a delicious cocktail.  Currently residing in the D.C. metropolitan area, she is always open to trying something new and loves to get away as much as possible.  When she’s not out and about, she may be typing or writing about her experiences while sipping a cup of hot tea.  She can be found on Instagram at @comealongwithcee.